Studio Hours Program 

Synth Library Studio Hours are an opportunity for you to learn, experiment, and play in-person, in-depth, and with the help of one of our facilitators. 

How to Join and Book Studio Hours

To book studio hours, you’ll need a membership at our Studio Hours + Lending Program level or above

You can read more about our facilitators on this page.

Active members can can book studio hours here. 


Modular cases (links open Modular Grid pages for each): Goike 15U
Goike 12U
Needham 12U

Semi-modular synths:
Moog Mother 32
Korg MS-20M

Keyboard synths:
Roland JX-3P
Roland Juno 106
Elektron Analog Keys
Moog Sub Phatty 
Moog Subsequent 37

Volca Keys
Volca FM
Volca Bass
Volca Sample

Other Synthesizers:
Deckard’s Dream

Video desk:
Video Synthesis Ecosphere on Raspberry Pi
- Spectral Mesh
- Temporal Vortex
- Artificial Life
Two_comparator effect
Videonics MX-1 video mixer
Sony Handycam
Extron 16x16 Matrix switcher
VHS + DVD player
Gieskes 3trins video synthesizer
Oscilloscope Graphic Artist oscillographics generator
A variety of CRT monitors

If you are interested in becoming a facilitator for our Studio Hours, please email us at