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Staff and volunteers

Joe D’Ambrosia, Jonah Bloom, Francisco Botello, Tim Brenner, Jeremy Brooks, Alejandro Cabezas, Jon Daries, Zachary Egge, Jill Fang, Thomas Fang, Brandon Fessler, Ross Fish, Dan Gonzalez, Jair Harmon, Max Jersak, Chris Jones, Blake Kaiser, Kevin Meyer, Akemie Murphy, Jonathan Nasrallah, Jose-Luis Olivares, Mae Pettit, Jordan Porto, Brandon Rawls, Matthew Rempes, Archie Rizzo

Board Members

Jon Daries
Jon Daries is a video artist and instrument designer residing in Portland. He’s interested in art that exploits the quirks of old technology to make something new. Jon helps administer Synth Library Portland's Lending Program and coordinates community partnerships, including classes at CETI and screenings at The Hollywood Theatre. He enjoys teaching DIY soldering and breadboarding workshops.

Thomas FangSound and video artist Thomas Fang uses modular synthesizers and esoteric antique electronic test equipment in a multidisciplinary practice that draws from both media archaeology and forward-looking explorations of technology. Working for synth manufacturers since 2008 has led him to embrace the newest hardware, while still allowing chaotic and aleatoric forces to guide creative processes. In 2001 he co-founded the Artificial Music Machine record label and began performing in the US and internationally, both solo and in ensembles. He has been a curator for arts nonprofit Church of the Friendly Ghost, staff member of Austin Museum of Digital Art and Texas Performing Arts, and has taught synthesis and circuit bending workshops for New Media Art and Sound Summit, Modern Aural Sculpture Symposium South, Future Music Summit, and other events. Thomas has been a facilitator and administrator for the Synth Library from its inception in 2016. Since 2010 he has worked at 4ms Company, a primary sponsor of SLP.

Max Jersak
Max Jersak is an artist, educator, music technologist, and sound designer. She creates and performs sonic pieces under the moniker Max Myriad, primarily using modular synthesis as a medium for both composition and improvisation. Her musical process draws inspiration from a background studying biochemistry and philosophy of mind, where simple components like molecules and neurons mutually interact or feedback to form the larger complex structures of organism and mind. In 2017 she began creating multi-modal tutorials teaching Ableton Live and electronic music production via a unique style that paired traditional text explanation with accompanying animated illustrations of a concept. In 2018 she began teaching in person as a facilitator at Synth Library Portland and has continued since. In 2021 she began work at AI Synthesis building synth hardware. In January 2023 she began working at Synth Library Portland, with a particular focus on lending program logistics and volunteer and event coordination.

Jordan PortoJordan Porto is a guitarist, synthesist, producer, and audio engineer. His background includes work in art and cultural policy with the City of Chicago, social science research, and corporate product development. As an artist and engineer, he specializes in bringing atmospherics and subtle textures to collaborative projects. A resident of Portland since 2021, he writes, records, and performs with several groups in the city. After joining SLP as a volunteer in 2022, he was hired in early 2023. Responsibilities include grants management, event production, fiscal sponsorships, social media, and community outreach.

Matthew Rempes Matthew Rempes is a video instrument designer, synthesist and educator based in Portland. His work is centered around creating novel analog computing instruments to explore obsolete analog video formats and experimental sound design. He helps administer Synth Library Portland's lending program and organizes opportunities for local and visiting artists to lead synthesis-related workshops.